• Oakwood Evening Out -- Friday, April 25th, 7pm-midnight!
  • Science Fair - Register by April 10th, project ready by May 1st!
  • Plant Sale: In-Person Shopping!  May 3-11, 2014 - Gregor Farm & Greenhouse

Hello and Happy February!

Growing up in a rural town in Iowa, I never–ever experienced "the Elementary School Carnival."  And I most certainly do not remember a PTA even if it was over 40 years ago.

The idea of carnival conjures up traveling amusement rides, food vendors, games of chance, thrill shows and side show curiosities --for me. County fairs, the main event of the year, featured rigged games and stomach twisting rides. The Tilt-A-Whirl and sugary treats sent many kids packing. However, not all carnivals are created equally.



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3 Easy Ways to Support PTA

Target Take Charge of Education Program
Target Cards
Discount for you, $ for Oakwood when you use your registered card.
Planet Green Recycling Fundraiser
Planet Green Recycling
Help the environment and Oakwood when you recycle used ink jet cartridges, old cell phones and electronics.
Box Tops for Education Program
Box Tops
Bring in the labels when you find them on your groceries.
Containers for box tops and recyclables are located at the main entrance to the school. Thank you for your support!
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